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Welcome to Different

Different promises to get you more insight from your market research.

Based in Oxford, the company offers both qualitative and quantitative research and was set up in 2006 to bring organisations, whether big or small, fresher and more commercially-minded insight than they're getting.

Why are we so confident? First and foremost because the head of the company, Robert Drake, has over 20 years market research experience, mostly for client companies rather than research agencies. He has worked closely with those in Marketing, Buying, Operations and HR to drive profitable change in organisations and has been a member of the Market Research Society (MRS) since 1986.

Here are 7 reasons why Different is different,

  • We ask more intelligent questions of you and consequently, of your customers. That way you'll get more insight and make better decisions.
  • You'll deal with people who are commercially aware and know, for example, that there's a big difference between sales and profit.
  • If you want an answer at 8am you'll get one. Not at 9.45am after the first cup of coffee.
  • You'll be comfortable introducing us to your Board.
  • There'll be no fence-sitting, just clear, commercial recommendations.
  • We are very enthusiastic, not just about research and marketing, but business in general.
  • No whacking great overheads so you'll get a very competitive price.

So if you want more from your market research, or even if you're thinking of using market research for the first time, contact Different. More Insight, Less Cost.

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