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Our Experience

Before setting up Different this year Robert worked for client and market research companies for over 20 years. His previous position was in charge of the market research programme at Argos, where customer understanding has been central to the development of the company as a hugely profitable, award-winning multi-channel retailer. Prior to that he worked for a number of well-respected companies including Lloyds/TSB and MORI.

Different believes this more rounded experience of client and agency will provide you with clearer, more profitable insight. For example, at Argos customer research was key to understanding and developing the appeal of the catalogue and critical to understanding of the commercial impact of weaknesses, e.g. queuing. At Lloyds TSB some significant achievements included the use of research to develop a programme that captured a higher share of business among young adults.

We have a huge amount of experience of qualitative and quantitative research from focus groups and depth interviews on the one hand to shorter interviews in-home, by telephone or web on the other. We've run big and small-scale projects alike and worked in various markets, including retail, consumer durables, financial and business-to-business.

But most importantly, we never forget that the whole point of market research is to enable you to improve the way you do things, profitably.

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