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Advertising Research

Traditional advertising tools of TV, Press, Radio and Posters are under huge pressure to earn their keep. Advertising on the internet, the continued growth of direct marketing and the advent of Personal Video recorders (PVRs) are just three of the factors behind this pressure.

But if these traditional sources continue to generate great creative ideas and clear, consistent communication, they will still play a powerful role in building brands and generating sales and profitability.

The old argument from some advertising agencies that researchers kill 'creative' rumbles on. But Different believes that existing techniques like, for example, group discussions can work brilliantly if three things happen: firstly the market researcher understands clearly what the client and the agency are trying to do; secondly, all parties agree the objectives of the research, avoiding for example the notion that qualitative pre-testing can predict outcome; lastly, that the researcher is sensitive to the physical environment in which the research is taking place.

What does this mean for the client? Clearly that the more experience the researcher has the more direction you’ll get. So here are some examples of our involvement,

  • Qualitative and quantitative pre-testing of TV advertising over several years for a major UK financial institution.
  • Qualitative examination of a leading Bank’s mortgage press advertising which led to a re-write concentrating on the core proposition, i.e. money saved not just headline rate.
  • Researching alternative pitches for a leading retailer which subsequently led to award-winning TV work.

We've worked closely with advertising agencies and clients for over 20 years. Different is confident that it can make your advertising work harder.

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