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Product and Range Development Research

All organisations understand the importance to sales and profitability of developing and extending brands, products and ranges and many will involve the customer in the process.

Whether you market products or services, you need a market research company with plenty of experience. If the company has that experience itíll recognise, like you, that opportunities are just as likely to be found in talking about existing products, markets and services as probing reaction to proposed new ideas.

Below are just a few examples of research we have undertaken to develop products or services,

  • Qualitative and quantitative research for a foreign bank into consumer understanding of, and levels of interest in, a new mortgage product linked to a current account. This work was undertaken before any such product was available in the UK.
  • Qualitative research into the soft toys market and attitudes towards a retailer keen to develop a profitable, own label presence.
  • Identifying range expansion possibilities for a retailer in the area of sports equipment. This work started with a wide-ranging piece of work on attitudes to the existing range and to the competition.

In all these cases the result was increased sales and profitability for the company. Different can do the same for your organisation.

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