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Consumer Goods Research

Increasing affluence has led to growing levels of home ownership. That same sense of affluence has led to significant growth in the consumer goods markets as people increasingly see their homes as an extension of personality and as a place where they want to relax and to show off. Many homes now have colour co-ordinated appliances, stainless steel fridges and televisions hanging on walls. Consumer goods manufacturers have also been adept at responding to trends such as health and fitness with products ranging from juicers to multi-gyms.

Over the years these are some of the issues we have explored in Consumer Goods market research,

  • Which areas of my range offering are strong and which could I develop?
  • Is there a gap in appeal between the reality of our range and the way they are perceived on the page?
  • I like my tableware designs but what does my target audience think of them?
  • Are we maximising sales and profit potential in our explanation of the product, its features and its benefits?

Again the choice of market research technique needs careful consideration. It could be focus groups, in-home at the point of use, hall tests or in-store interviews and we’ll advise you appropriately.

Whatever the methodology, Different will give you clear, commercial recommendations to improve your sales and profitability.

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