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How Does Market Research Work?

Although there's no such thing as a typical piece of market research, you'll get more out of your research with Different if you follow 5 steps,

Step 1

You put together a one or two page brief and send it to Different. It should include some background about your organisation, a piece on what you want us to conduct research into, a little about any hypotheses regarding the subject matter and a rough idea of when you need the results by. As part of Step 1 Different would visit you (together with your colleagues) to discuss this brief.

Step 2

Different would then send you a proposal laying out the background, the research objectives, a recommendation on how to conduct the market research, i.e. the methodology, confirmation of the time plan, how we intend to feedback results, e.g. PowerPoint/written report, and the cost.

Step 3

Assuming we agree Different would then liaise with you prior to the research starting. If the project was a quantitative piece, then we would draft a questionnaire for your approval. But qualitative research needs a discussion guide, essentially a short document outlining the issues to cover with our ‘respondents'. Again we would write this for your approval.

Step 4

Different gets cracking with the work, keeping you posted as to progress.

Step 5

Full presentation or written report – together with a set of tables of results if quantitative.

Different will also call you back after the project to get your feedback on how things went and to talk about how the findings have been received internally.

Here's a rough outline of timing from receipt of your brief,

Week 1 – meeting takes place and Different sends proposal for approval
Week 2 – proposal signed off
Weeks 3 and 4 – research takes place
Week 5 – Different presents full reports on findings.

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