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Brochure, Catalogue and Magazine Research

We've called it Brochure, Catalogue and Magazine research but we'd also include direct mail and leaflets, in fact any form of communication that is sent through the post, inserted in publications or available to pick up in stores or branches.

If the definition is a little hard to pin down, some of the questions you might be asking are not,

  • Does my draft mailing give the customer all the information he/she needs to encourage contact with us?
  • In the case of a relatively new product or range, are people clear about how the product works and what the key benefits are?
  • What do our readers like about our magazine and how does it compare with our competitors?
  • Is our publication easy to read and to make choices from?

And here are a few of the issues we've covered in our market research,

  • Qualitative research into what customers want from Christmas ‘catalogues' and whether the client has the right balance in its publication.
  • Qualitative look at mailing offering personal loan to check understanding, tone and appeal.
  • In-store quantitative work to assess pick up levels of brochures, whether they were generating purchases there and then and whether they would be taken home.
  • A thorough examination of white goods in a catalogue to help improve overall appeal on the page. Qualitative research looked at range, products, brands, prices, range and features/benefits as well as issues of layout.

Different has extensive knowledge of this important area and we'd love to work with you.

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