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Financial Research

These days people have (potentially) a huge range of providers and channels available to them when it comes to personal finance decisions. So financial organisations must develop stronger brands, attractive products and more effective means of communicating the customer benefits if they are to appeal to customers and thereby build long-term revenue and profitability.

Different has huge experience of financial research and here are a few of the issues looked at,

  • Quantifying the true cost to a bank of current account customers changing provider.
  • Exploring the relative lack of appeal to young people of a major bank and developing a strategy to gain share.
  • Quantifying the potential of a storecard pre-launch and exploring its strengths and weaknesses qualitatively.
  • Researching understanding of the role of independent financial advisers.
  • Assessing the likely potential of a fledgling savings/investment product on behalf of a PR company pitching for financial services business. They won the business.

Our experience also extends to business banking research where projects have ranged from the service supplied by banks to small businesses to the targeting of electronic banking services.

Because we have worked directly for financial organisations, you’ll get more insight and a clearer direction.

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