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Business-to-Business Research

Understanding the customer is no less important to those businesses dealing with other businesses rather than consumers. In conducting business-to-business research you need a market researcher who realises that whilst your immediate relationship may be a close one, the decision-making unit may not be and this is important in deciding who to interview.

It also helps if the researcher has experience of business and businesses. The head of Different, Robert Drake, has over 20 years experience of working in retailing, finance, manufacturing and marketing services. He has interviewed senior management at big and small companies and presented to Boards of FTSE 100 companies. He is also hugely enthusiastic about business generally.

Here are three examples of business-to-business research studies,

  • Personal interviews with finance directors at leading UK companies for a major firm of management consultants.
  • A quantitative study among businesses to test awareness of, and attitudes to, the staff incentives scheme run by a major retailer.
  • Personal interviews with owners of small businesses about services provided by a local government agency.

Market researchers are sometimes accused of having little experience outside their own world. That isnít the case with Different and your organisation will be better off for it.

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