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New to Market Research?

If you're keen to conduct some market research with customers then Different can advise you from start to finish.

Ask most people about market research and the image that comes to mind is a person with a clipboard outside shops. This kind of interview still occurs and is still very valuable but there is a lot more to market research. You can read more about this under Qualitative and Quantitative Research.

Under How Does Market Research Work? you'll find a guide to a project from start to finish. This lays out what Different would normally want you to do, what you can expect from us and how long it takes to report the findings to you.

Because Different has plenty of experience of working on the client side, it is an ideal company to take you through your first dealings in market research. And without the overheads of a large company, you'll get a better price and far better value-for-money for your market research.

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