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Employee Research

It's often said that 'employees are a company's greatest asset'. If this is open to question, there is no doubt that the attitudes of employees and the knowledge of employees are often under-utilised, even among companies which commission lots of customer research. This is unfortunate, not just because staff have lots of ideas about how to improve things, for themselves and for customers, but also because more involved staff are usually more motivated staff.

Among the projects we've worked on are,

  • Attitudes of jewellery staff towards a store refit. This revealed the nugget that staff couldn't get the jewellery out of the display cases! (Better late than never).
  • Attitudes towards an employee incentive scheme run by a major retailer and towards further initiatives.
  • In-depth interviews for a logistics company about job satisfaction and future prospects.
  • Large-scale annual employee attitude studies for financial and retail organisations.

Commissioning employee research, either as an independent piece or to complement customer research can be invaluable. With Different you can be certain that the findings will help you move your organisation forward.

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