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Why Use Different?

Getting the most out of your market research often comes down to the calibre of the individuals you commission. And though there are lots of good individuals in research companies who will tell you what customers feel and have to say, the number who can say with authority ‘And this is what you should be doing..’ is far fewer. What’s missing is the very competitive edge that you’re after, the purpose of the market research. The reason for this is that many market researchers only ever work for market research companies.

Different can bring that extra competitive edge to your market research because most, though not all, of our experience is in working inside companies where important decisions are being made every day on brands, products and services and where people are being judged on whether they improve brand image, or enhance sales and profitability.

Choose Different for your market research and you’ll get intelligence, enthusiasm and knowledge from start to finish. We’re confident you’ll get more profitable insight than you would from other organisations. And, because we have no large overheads to bear, you’ll find it hard to get a better price too.

Different. More Insight, Less Cost.

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